About Us

The Robinson Lions Club (the Club), located in Robinson Township Pennsylvania, was charted on November 28, 1955 with 26 members. In keeping with the Lions motto, the Club “has served” ever since. The Club’s sponsoring club was the Imperial Lions Club and its first officers included William Pintar, President; Charles Puhlman Jr. Secretary; and Frank Butya, Treasurer.

In addition to supporting both State and International Lions programs, the Club’s hallmark is its Robinson area community based special projects. During its early years, the Club provided lighting for the original Burkett ball field, funded and built the Burkett Park Lions Shelter, organized and sponsored various school activities such as a High School Band Festival and an “all night” after prom party, a township little league tournament, and it purchased the first defibrillator for the newly formed Robinson Township Emergency Medical Service.

During more years, the Club has supported area youth sports and scouting programs, funded eye exams and glasses for Robinson residents in need, scanned area pre-school children for early detection of sight impairment diseases, provided a closed circuit TV for a local child with failing eye-sight, sponsored various sight impaired individuals to the Beacon Lodge Camp for the Blind, purchased Eye Prosthesis for two township residents, actively supported the Robinson Community Foundation which constructed a playground/activity center in Robinson’s Clever Park, supported township Voluntary Fire Departments, made donations to eight Robinson area church food banks, provided Christmas gifts to Allegheny Valley School residents, community service awards for area high school students, and it has helped disaster fund relief such as Carnegie flood victims and NYFDs.

In order to fund these many critical projects for over a half century, the Club conducts annual “Broom and Garbage Bag Sales” each spring and seeks donations through the sight saver seals program.

As with most clubs, our Club’s goal is to increase membership and to promote Lionism by “serving” our neighborhoods and beyond. Members donate time and energy, but are greatly rewarded by providing resources to the Robinson community.

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