Broom & Brooms – Order Form NEW PRICES in effect now for 2022. Prices are valid thru December 31st 2022.

Printable Broom and Bag Order form


P.O. BOX 15775




Recognized for our service to the visually impaired since 1955, the Robinson Lions Club has touched and improved many facets of the Robinson Township community. To support these activities, we conduct an annual “Broom & Garbage Bag Sale” throughout the township. We are asking for your support to fund these critical and worthwhile projects by purchasing these brooms and/or garbage bags.

To make a purchase please:

1. Fill out and return the order form to the address above.

2. Include a check payable to “Robinson Lions Club” Brooms and Bags will be delivered to the Robinson Township area between May 1 and May 30.

Note – If you are not home during delivery, we will leave them at your door.

 2022 Robinson Lions Club

Annual Broom & Garbage Bag Sale – Supply Order Form

Item: Cost: Quantity: Total:

Heavyweight Plastic (2mil) Bags -25 per box (55 gal.) $20.00 x _____ = $______

Heavyweight Plastic (2mil) Bags -100 per box (33 gal.) $25.00 x _____ = $______

Lioness House Broom $15.00 x _____ = $______

Garage Broom – 18 ” – Hard Bristle $17.00 x _____ = $______

Garage Broom -18″ – Soft Bristle $17.00 x _____ = $______

Toy Broom $8.00 x _____ = $______

                                                                           Total enclosed: $ :___________





The Lions Club will host a benefit event on September 10th, 2022 at Robinson Park to fund Lions Charities!   

We hope to see you there!!


5 responses to “Broom & Brooms – Order Form NEW PRICES in effect now for 2022. Prices are valid thru December 31st 2022.”

    • Yes, there is an order form on our website. They are usually delivered within a week of us getting the check. Thank you.

  1. I am sorry but your form will not print out for me. I will send you a hand printed form. If I ccan call you, please give me a phone number to call. Thank you.

    Bill Petrone 412-787-0179

    • Hello, we are working on updating the website so I apologize about the form not printing. If you want to give me your email I can email you a form, otherwise a hand written note with want you want to order if fine also.

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